Play FreeCell Solitaire Online

Play FreeCell – Quick Tutorial

Because of its tough characteristics, FreeCell is a very popular Solitaire game. You see, while it is believed that 99 percent of all transactions are solved, getting there is no easy task.

Of all the Solitaire games, FreeCell is the one that most closely mimics the conventional form (the Klondike). However, it is regarded as a more advanced form of the latter because it takes more strategic thinking to achieve victory.

Its gameplay might be challenging for inexperienced players at first, but once you understand the rules, it is actually extremely basic and straightforward to play.

FreeCell Solitaire Instructions

To summarize, there are two major rules in FreeCell:

1. You must construct the foundations in ascending sequence by suit;

2. A card may only be moved to the foundations if it is free and there are no other cards on top of it;

After that, the most critical question is: how can you liberate the cards you require?

To accomplish so, you must move the cards around the tableau’s eight piles. You may accomplish this by creating descending sequences with alternating colors (the suits are not important). For example, you can place a red 6 on top of a black 7 to liberate the card beneath the 6.

Alternatively, you may utilize your free cells to send the red 6 there to release the card underneath it without needing to form a sequence. However, keep in mind that you only have four free cells. Once you’ve filled them, you won’t be able to use them again unless you free them by putting the cards into the tableau.

In addition, if you have an empty pile on the tableau, you can fill it with any card.

This is the fundamental gameplay. Simply keep creating sequences and/or using free cells to liberate the cards required to create the foundations. However, there is one more thing you need know about the sequences you create on the heaps.

Tips for FreeCell Solitaire

  • Before making your move, take a look at the tableau and the cards that were dealt. You must think strategically and, like in chess, several moves ahead.
  • Your initial few movements should be short and should not need you to transfer cards to a Freecell or place a card in a Freecell.
  • Fill an empty column with a descending, lengthy card sequence beginning with a King, if possible.
  • An early objective should be to clear a column, as this will boost your chances of winning the solitaire game.
  • Take advantage of the free cells. They allow you to keep cards that get in the way of gameplay.