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The essential goal of YAHTZEE is to gain a top score as high as possible only by rolling five dice and obtaining specific dice combos.


Players are allowed to toss the dice up to three times each turn. On the 2nd and 3rd throws, a player may, but is not required to roll all five dice around; instead, they may set aside as many dice as he wishes and only tosses the ones that do not have the numbers he is attempting to obtain. For example, suppose a player tosses and receives 1,3,3,4,6. He decides to go for the big straight, 1,2,3,4,5. So he tosses 1,3,4 to the side and just throws 3 and 6, aiming for 2 and 5.

Combinations of upper sections

Six combinations differ from each other and can give a player a different score, which is the total number of dice digits of the appropriate kind. For example, if you obtain 1,3,3,3,5 and pick Threes, you will receive 3*3 = 9 points. The total of all the combos is computed, and if it is 63 or above, the player receives a 35-point bonus. It is possible for a player to require three of each in order to reach 63 on average, however, it is not necessary to obtain three of each obligatory; it is entirely fine to have five sixes and zero ones, while the aggregate is 63 or above.

Double Yahtzee

If you roll another Yahtzee, you have a chance to get a Double Yahtzee, which adds a hundred points to your total.

If you pick the Double Yahtzee, you must also select another score from the table. This guarantees that all players have the same amount of boxes to score accessible to them.

The scores you can select are dependent on the scores that are currently shown on the board. The player should choose the upper box for that number if it is available.

  • If that number isn’t accessible, you’ll have to settle for a lower box score.
  • If no scores are available, you can select a score from the upper box.
  • If no scores are available, you must have completed your turn, and we go on to the next player.

Tip on Yahtzee

Attempt to obtain the bonus. Concentrate on making nice throws with fives and sixes, and it won’t matter whether you put 0 in the ones and twos. If you don’t have a combination, you may always enter 0 for it, even if you have another combination. For example, if you had 2,3,4,5,6 but the cards that left were Ones and Sixes, it would be preferable to put 0 in Ones than merely 6 in Sixes.